artficial ind. adj. [created through art] – referred to an object that owes its value and its essence to being derived from an artistic object. The concept behind an Artficial object currently refers to the production of 'clones' of artistic objects by means of 3D scans of the original works which are then printed using a 3D printer, with the option of changing the size, material and colour of the object compared to the original.

Artficial 3d scan campaign, November 27th, 2017

Dancing Satyr Museum
Mazara del Vallo - Sicily, Italy

In a futuristic lab inside a baroque palace in Sicily, machines artificially emulate the natural growth process of nature: 3d printers accurately deposit thousands of layers according to the strict information concealed in a 3d file describing the perfect shape of a masterpiece. After hundreds of hours of waste-free manufacturing, once the shape is finally complete, Artficial clones are ready to be packaged and shipped to their destination.

Artficial Packaging and Filament inside the Factory of the Future
Factory of the Future: where Artficial Clones are madeColored Filaments and Artficial Clones inside the Factory of the Future
Inside Artficial Lab

Palermo, Sicily - Italy

  • Cloned from a masterpiece, using high precision 3d scan technologies
  • 100% eco-friendly, made from colored bio-resin derived from corn
  • Extremely light, 3.000 times lighter than marble
  • Vibrant colors, pop or basic pallettes, as well as tones of green, yellow, red and blue
  • Made in Italy, proudly manufactured in Sicily