factory of the future

Artficial combines Cultural Heritage with the possibility of owning, touching and discovering it through an innovative 3d printing solution that enables the creation of highly customizable and eco-friendly Clones of any ancient masterpiece archived in the Artficial Database.

In a futuristic lab inside a baroque palace in Sicily, machines artificially emulate the natural growth process of nature: 3d printers (the soil) accurately deposit thousands of layers of a uniquely engineered colored bio-resin (water and minerals) following the strict information concealed in a 3d file describing the coordinates to perfectly replicate the shape of a masterpece - "Art DNA" (the seed). After days of 3d printing, once the shape of an Artficial Clone is finally complete, human operators intervene to clean their surface and package them for worldwide distribution.

Factory of the Future: where Artficial Clones are made

Artficial Packaging and Filament inside the Factory of the Future

Colored Filaments and Artficial Clones inside the Factory of the Future