39 cm
15 in
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Bust of a Cherub

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"Bust of a Cherub" a Clone made by Artficial

A marble sculpture from the 18th century by Ignazio Marabitti. The original of this clone already shows the decline of baroque taste and the gradual affirmation of a more classical style.

The gently arching back and the suggestive movement of the legs and arms of the original, make this eco-friendly design object a possible “exclamation mark” for the wall of any room, an ideal figure for trendy settings and elegant interiors.

This clone suggests pale shades, appropriate to the extreme youth evoked by the baby’s limbs in the original.
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Ignazio Marabitti


Baroque Art

Size (h x w x d)

39 x 40 x 25 cm

15 x 16 x 10 in


1000 grams

2.2 pounds


100% eco friendly corn fiber


Custom made in 4 days of precision 3d printing

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