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Nimba head

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"Nimba" a Clone by Artficial

The original African wooden mask of this clone comes from the Atlantic coast of Equatorial Guinea where the Baga populations, with ancient agricultural traditions, used these imposing sculpted masks for their propitiation rites.

The elegantly curving outlines and imposing bulk of this eco-friendly design object unite in a spiritual yet terrestrial composition, with light, recurrent decorations carved on the surfaces and surprisingly forceful anatomical features, such as the nose and eyes. These strong contrasts combined in such a mythical figure would be suitable for Minimalist settings or large Industrial style spaces.

Even though the original mask is sculpted in brown wood, this clone could be produced in any colour since its expressive force lies in the distinctiveness of its contours.
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Unknown Author


African Art

Size (h x w x d)

41 x 38 x 68 cm

16 x 15 x 27 in


2000 grams

4.4 pounds


100% eco friendly corn fiber


Custom made in 15 days of precision 3d printing

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