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John Seely Brown
Advisory board member

John Seely Brown (JSB) was the Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation, as well as the director of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. He is currently a visiting scholar and adviser to the provost at the University of Southern California. Until recently he was also the Independent Co-Chairman for Deloitte’s Center for the Edge. His personal research interests include new approaches to learning, digital youth culture, digital media, and the application of technology to accelerate deep learning within and across organizational boundaries. He has written several books, including the classic The Social Life of Information co-authored with Paul Duguid, as well as From Push to Pull co-authored with John Hagel, A New Culture of Learning with Douglas Thomas, and the Design Unbound series with Ann M. Pendleton-Jullian.

Philip Kotler
Advisory board member

Philip Kotler, hailed as the "Father of Modern Marketing," is a world-renowned marketing expert, consultant, and academic. His expertise spans over six decades and has been integral in redefining business and marketing strategies worldwide. A Chicago native, he attended DePaul University before earning his master's degree in Economics at the University of Chicago and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Kotler's early career was marked by various teaching roles but it was at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management where he truly made his mark, serving as the S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing. His teachings have been instrumental in shaping the business acumen of generations of marketing students and professionals. Kotler is best known for his prolific writing career, having authored over 60 books, with titles such as "Marketing Management," often regarded as the marketer's bible, translated into over 25 languages. His works continue to define and challenge marketing standards, keeping pace with the evolving global business landscape. Aside from academia, Kotler's significant contributions also extend to practical applications. He has provided consultation and advisory services to a myriad of organizations, from startups to multinational corporations and nonprofits to governments. This includes working with companies such as IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Honeywell, Bank of America, Merck, and many others. He is the co-founder of the Regenerative Marketing Institute in Rome, Italy.

Daniel Erasmus
Advisory board member

Daniel Erasmus is a noted futurist, entrepreneur, and founder of, a planetary scale NLP/ AI analysis technology company, and the Digital Thinking Network (DTN). His work primarily involves building deep sense-making dashboards through AI planetary scale maps and combining large language models and knowledge sets. He leverages advanced techniques in scenario planning to help organizations navigate uncertainty and adapt to rapidly changing business environments, specifically focusing on the impacts of technology and digital transformation. As the founder of the Digital Thinking Network, Erasmus has led many scenario planning projects for notable clients including the European Patent Office, IBM, Nokia, and Total. Erasmus was founding board member of the European Internet Archive, a digital library of cultural artefacts and a sister organization of the Internet Archive. Daniel was elected as the founding Secretary General of the Internet Society’s European Co-ordinating Council, and a founding Board member of ISOC.NL. He created the Weekly Mail & Guardian Rotterdam School of Management Scholarship ($200K+),was awarded the prestigious Rotary Foundation Post-Graduate Ambassadorial Scholarship, and holds full honors (Rector’s List) from the University of Stellenbosch where he received a degree in Electronic - Industrial Engineering and a MBA/MBI from the Rotterdam School of Management at the Erasmus University. Erasmus has taught at leading institutions such as the Rotterdam School of Management and the University of Amsterdam. His teachings primarily focus on the impacts of digital technologies and future studies, helping to equip the next generation of business leaders with the tools they need to navigate the digital world. In addition to his consulting and teaching roles, Erasmus is an entrepreneur and investor.

Christian Sarkar
Advisory board member

Christian Sarkar is an author, entrepreneur, artist, and consultant. He is the founder of Double Loop Marketing LLC, a marketing consultancy. As the co-founder (with Philip Kotler) and editor of The Marketing Journal, he continuously scours the world of marketing for new insights and next practices. With Enrico Foglia and Philip Kotler he is a co-founder of the Regenerative Marketing Institute — a research and advisory institution dedicated to community-based regeneration. He is involved in numerous non-profit and public-education projects, including The Wicked7 Project, and the $300 House Project. In 2021, Christian was named to the Thinkers50 Radar of global management thinkers primarily for his work on brand activism. He is the co-author of several books with Philip Kotler.

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