earth friendly

We have incorporated the use of a plant-based, weatherproof filament for printing our artclones. This cutting-edge, durable material is sourced from renewable plant-based resources and has a carbon footprint that is remarkably lower, by 75 percent, than traditional plastics, allowing us to further reduce our environmental impact.

We've implemented a print-on-demand strategy, an effective measure against overproduction and surplus inventory. This approach ensures that we produce only what is needed, thereby drastically reducing waste.

Our sustainability efforts also extend to our packaging. We utilize materials that are designed to be repurposed or recycled, continuing our commitment to responsible and sustainable practices throughout every stage of our process.

Geographical consciousness is also a key factor in our operations. Our production facilities are established in the heart of the Mediterranean, specifically Sicily. It allows us to contribute positively to the local economy, creating a mutually beneficial relationship between our company and the community.

Baroque Corpus Christi

Weather-resistant, derived from organic sources. Petroleum free.

Nimba Head

3 thousand times lighter than marble. Plant based filament.