Can I change my shipping address after I placed my order?

Yes, you may change your shipping address up to 24 hours after placing your order. Please contact our Customer Service.

How can I return my order?

If you are unhappy with your artclone, you may return it to us within fourteen (14) calendar days. Get in touch with our Customer Service as soon as possible.

How are refunds processed?

Once the return has been received at our warehouse and accepted by the Quality and Control team, the refund will be processed via the original payment method. The refund includes the full price for the Product(s) but not delivery charges.

Are duties and taxes included?

No. Taxes and import duties may apply to your order. For example, orders from the US may be subject to import duties which are managed by the courier and payed by you.

How long does it take from online payment to home delivery?

When ordering an artclone, please take into account manufacturing time which is specific to each artclone and detailed in the product page, plus shipping times from Italy to your location, which ranges from 3 to 15 days (we only use express air shipping).

Do you ship to every country?

Yes, Artficial ships all over the world using trusted couriers such as DHL, FedEX or UPS.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards:
• Visa
• American Express
• Master Card
• Diners
• Discover
• Union Pay

What are artclones made of?

Our artclones are made of a plant-based filament. This cutting-edge, durable material is sourced from renewable plant-based resources and has a carbon footprint that is remarkably lower, by 75 percent, than traditional plastics, allowing us to further reduce our environmental impact.

Artclones are plant-based, does it mean they degrade over time?

No. Time and weather do not degrade our artclones (except of course for acid rain and other chemically toxic environments). Artclones may fully degrade in compost facilities where specific heat, water, oxygen conditions are applied.

Can I display my artclone outdoors?

Yes, Artficial artclones are weather proof.

Are artclones heat resistant?

Yes, up to 70 °C or 160 °F.

How do I clean my artclone?

Please use a damp cloth to clean your artclone. Do not use chemicals as they may damage its surface, just as leather.

Where are artclones made?

Artclones are made in Italy, inside Artficial’s Factory. Visit what we do for more information.

By purchasing an artclone, am I contributing to the safety and care of the original masterpiece?

Yes. Institutional and private right owners of the original masterpiece receive a portion of our revenue as per their official licensing contract.

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