Can I change my shipping address after my order has been dispatched?

No, the shipping address cannot be modified. For any doubts, please contact us.

How can I return my order?

Owning an Artficial Clone means you are experiencing the most advanced and eco friendly sculptures available. We are confident that you will feel great about your new design object, and so are giving you time to experience and enjoy your Clone. If you are unhappy with your sculpture, you may return it to us within fourteen (14) calendar days. Get in touch with us as soon as possible.

How can I track my order?

When the order will be tendered to the courier, you will receive an email from us providing the tracking number related to the order. To monitor the status of your order, you may visit DHL official website http://www.dhl.com/en.html and insert the given AWB number in the specific area “Track Your Shipment”.

How are refunds processed?

Once the return has been received at our warehouse and accepted by the Quality and Control team, the refund will be processed via the original payment method. The refund includes the full price for the Product(s) but not the delivery charges.

Which currencies can I shop in?

Payments as well as refunds for shipments are all invoiced in Euro (EUR). Depending on your location, you can shop in USD, GBP, CAD, AUD, HKD, JPY, RUB, AED, BRL, RMB, KRW or SGD.

Are duties and taxes included?

We offer DDP (Delivery Duties Paid) shipping. This means taxes, custom fees and import fees for all countries are included.

What payment methods do you accept?
  • Credit cards (we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB and Union Pay);
  • Paypal (to register a paypal account, please visit their website at paypal.com).
How long does it take from online payment to home delivery?

When ordering an Artficial Clone you must take into account manufacturing time which is specific to each Clone and detailed in the product page, plus shipping times from Italy to your location, which ranges from 3 to 9 days.

Do you ship to every country?

Yes, Artficial ships all over the world using trusted couriers such as DHL, FedEX or UPS.

What are Clones made of?

Artficial Clones are made of a 100% eco-friendly and high-tech 3d printing material derived from corn.

Clones are eco-friendly, does it mean they degrade over time?

No, time and atmosphere do not consume or degrade Clones. Do not expose Clones to fire or intense heat as structural properties are modified at 70 °C or 160 °F.

Can I display my Clone outdoors?

Yes, Artficial Clones are weather proof.

Are Clones heat resistant?

Yes, up to 70 °C or 160 °F.

How do I clean my Clone?

Use a damp cloth to clean the surface.

If my Clone falls, will it break?

Clones are made of an internal honeycomb structure that ensure maximum stability, but as any object it may break or fracture on impact.

Where are Clones made?

Clones are made in Italy, inside Artficial’s Factory of the Future. Visit artficial.com/about-artficial-clones for more information.

Why are Clones the most advance sculpture replicas in the market?

Owning an Artficial Clone means having a design object with the exact shape and size of the original masterpiece, taken with the consent of the right owner using high-accuracy 3d scan technologies, but with a different color and material. 3d printers accurately deposit thousands of layers according to the strict information concealed in the 3D file, a waste-free manufacturing process that makes high quality reproduction available for the largest sculpture collection in the world.

By purchasing a Clone, am I contributing to the safety and care of the original masterpiece?

Yes. Institutional and private right owners of the original masterpiece are entitled to part of our revenue.

Why Clones don’t come in white?

Clones are not made with the intent to resemble the look and feel of the original.

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