what we do

At Artficial, our mission is to revolutionize the digitization, distribution, and preservation of humanity's cultural heritage, particularly focusing on sculptural works of art. We achieve this through our groundbreaking patent-pending platform, which combines cutting-edge technology with the beauty of art to create a unique ecosystem.

Artficial Packaging and Filament inside the Factory of the Future
Factory of the Future: where Artficial Clones are made Colored Filaments and Artficial Clones inside the Factory of the Future
Inside Artficial Lab

Palermo, Sicily - Italy

Our platform, known as the Artficial platform️, is at the forefront of the physical-to-digital-to-physical (P2D2P) transformation. It serves as a comprehensive solution for licensing, managing, producing, and monetizing original artworks from both institutional and private collections. By utilizing this ecosystem, we facilitate the seamless transition of artworks into the digital realm and, subsequently, the production of high-quality physical replicas called artclones through advanced 3D printing technologies.

To begin the process, we collaborate with the owners of the artworks, whether they are public or private collections, to obtain the necessary licensing rights. Once the digital rights are acquired by Artficial, we employ state-of-the-art scanning techniques to meticulously capture every detail of the original artwork. This enables us to create a precise digital-clone masterfile, which is then securely stored in our ARTvault digital asset management system.

With the digital clone masterfile securely in place, we proceed to the production stage. Using our advanced 3D printing technology, we meticulously craft licensed artclones that replicate the original sculptures with exceptional accuracy. These artclones are brought to life in Sicily, where our high-end machines ensure a remarkable level of authenticity.

As a result of this comprehensive process, the owner of the licensed artwork receives licensed royalty payments with each sale. This arrangement not only preserves and promotes the cultural heritage of these masterpieces but also provides a sustainable source of income for the owners. Museums and institutional collections partner with us to preserve their cultural masterpieces in digital format, and extend their reach into the everyday lives of the museum visitor using artclones as an educational and revenue generating product.

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