40 cm
16 in
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Vincenzo Bellini

$ 1,040.00

The original plastered earthenware bust of Vincenzo Bellini from which this clone was taken was created by the sculptor Ettore Ximenes from Palermo, an eclectic artist in search of pronounced realism in his sculptures, often imbued with symbolism to emphasise their historic significance. Ximenes also illustrated some of the narratives of Edmondo De Amicis, the author of the famous children’s book entitled “Cuore”.

The eco-friendly design object representing Vincenzo Bellini shows the same decisiveness as the original, where every fold of the clothing and every trait of the body demonstrates the creativity of the sculptor. The dedicated engraving of the surfaces and powerful realism suggest a Modern or Classical setting.

The most suitable colours for this clone should be light, to emphasise the richness of detail in the original.

Neoclassical Art


Ettore Ximenes

Size (h x w x d)

40 x 32 x 26 cm

16 x 13 x 10 in


1000 grams

2.2 pounds


100% plant-based
Weather proof


Custom 3D-printed in 4 days
Made in Sicily, Italy

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100% eco friendly

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