45 cm
18 in
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$ 1,040.00

The original bust of this clone is by the French sculptor Jules Franceschi, born in 1825 and who died in Paris in 1893. As often happened to artists in the 19th century, Franceschi had institutional commissions which frequently involved allegorical monuments: the sculptor was responsible for the works La Storia e La Scienza al Palazzo del Louvre, La Pittura nei Giardini del Lussemburgo, La Fortuna al Museo di Belle Arti di Troyes.

This eco-friendly design object represents a young woman of rare beauty with a simplicity which makes even the fixed stare and static posture elegant. The sophistication of this clone makes it particularly suitable for Louis XVI settings or rooms in Eclectic style, but it could also fit perfectly in Minimalist or Gustavian environments.

The clone of the bust of a Noblewoman should be in delicate shades, with pastel colours to exalt the classical harmony of the lines.

Neoclassical Art


Jules Franceschi

Size (h x w x d)

45 x 27 x 28 cm

18 x 11 x 11 in


900 grams

2 pounds


100% plant-based
Weather proof


Custom 3D-printed in 4 days
Made in Sicily, Italy

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100% eco friendly

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