Satiro Danzante, Mazara del Vallo
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The ArtcloneX is a selected artclone which undergoes a process of metallization to create a unique and timeless edition for collectors. Each ArtcloneX exists as a series of 99 works – thus creating an opportunity for high-end collectors to build a collection of world masterpieces reinterpreted for our time.

ArtcloneX of "Satiro Danzante" di Mazara del Vallo

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About “Satiro Danzante”

Despite spending two millennia at the bottom of the sea, the original Satiro Danzante of Mazara del Vallo is remarkably well preserved and a testament to the intricacies of ancient Greek artistry.

The original is a bronze statue which encapsulates a moment of euphoric abandonment, frozen forever in the throes of a passionate dance, its body twisted in the ecstatic throes of Dionysian revelry.

The Satyr's missing limbs, instead of rendering it incomplete, add a poignant layer to its narrative. It speaks of survival, a tribute to its endurance through centuries, weathering the corrosive march of time and the relentless depths of the sea.

The ArtcloneX of the Dancing Satyr stands in mid-motion, dancing its eternal dance, inviting everyone to partake in the undying celebration of life and art. We invite you to bring the Artclone effect of Dancing Satyr into your home.

Artficial 3d scan campaign, November 27th, 2017

Dancing Satyr Museum
Mazara del Vallo - Sicily, Italy

The original “Satiro Danzante” was converted into a digitalclone which preserves the unique form and essence of the original.

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