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Cherub's Head

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"Cherub's Head" Clone by Artficial

This clone is of a small baroque stucco treasure from the school of Giacomo Serpotta, known as the 18th century’s “greatest stucco decorator in Europe”. This particular sculpture, the original of the clone, displays the features dearest to the Master Serpotta when he sculpted his cherubs: the sullen look, ruffled hair and parted lips of a child who is already aware of the complexity of life.

The eco-friendly clone is a concentration of movement and playfulness capable of capturing the most ethereal imagination in the arrangement of spaces. This cherub’s head would fit happily into many different settings: Bohemian or minimalist, an urban chic loft or an eclectic bedroom.

The tasteful spatial compositions inspired by this design object encourage total freedom in the choice of colour, from the palest to the most strident, and suggest combining several clones, preferably using contrasting colours.
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Giacomo Serpotta


Baroque Art

Size (h x w x d)

16 x 14 x 12 cm

6 x 6 x 5 in


150 grams

0.3 pounds


100% eco friendly corn fiber


Custom made in 2 days of precision 3d printing

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