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170 cm
67 in
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Whitaker Veiled dancer

$ 19,995.00 | 67 in

(plus applicable taxes)

About "Whitaker Veiled dancer" artclone

This statue depicts a female figure enshrouded in a delicate, diaphanous veil that clings to her body, accentuating her form and movement. The veil, masterfully carved, creates a soft, flowing texture that contrasts with the smoothness of her skin, exemplifying a high level of craftsmanship.

The figure stands upright with a dynamic, swirling posture that suggests motion. Her right arm is gracefully raised above her head, holding a portion of the veil, while her left arm crosses her body in a sweeping motion that enhances the sense of movement. This positioning, along with the curvature of her body, demonstrates a sinuous line of action that guides the viewer's eye throughout the composition, from her feet to her extended arm. Anatomically, the statue exhibits a detailed and accurate depiction of the human body, with a focus on the musculature and the way the flesh deforms slightly under the pressure of the veil. Supporting the dancer is a smaller figure at her base—a cherub, which adds a classical, possibly mythological element to the piece. The cherub looks up adoringly, perhaps in admiration or as a spectator of her dance, reinforcing the theme of performance and beauty.

“Veiled dancer from Villa Whitaker” not only showcases the physical grace and beauty of its subject but also captures the ephemeral quality of dance and the emotive power of artistic expression in sculpture. It stands as a testament to the sculptor's ability to convey softness and motion, making it a captivating masterpiece of visual storytelling suitable for formal settings or intimate environments.

Whitaker Foundation

Made to order

Custom 3D printed in Italy by artficial™ in 30 days


Plant-based PLA filament. Weather-resistant and durable

Dimensions, Weight

170 x 50 x 50 cm, 20000 grams

67 x 20 x 20 in, 44.2 pounds


Shipping from Italy
Estimated arrival


14-day return policy
Satisfaction guaranteed


100% eco friendly

the artclone process


Museums and Private Collections partner with Artficial to preserve their sculptural masterpieces in digital format. We employ state-of-the-art scanning techniques to capture every detail of the original sculpture.


The digital file is permanently stored in the Artvault, our secure and robust database which serves as a repository for the scans of the world's sculptural masterpieces. The Artvault safeguards the precious file and metadata, ensuring the longevity and accessibility of these invaluable cultural artifacts.

Sustainable Production

With the digitalclone securely in place, we proceed to the production stage. Using our advanced 3D printing technology, we craft licensed artclones that replicate the original sculptures with exceptional accuracy using our durable plant-based filament. This made-to-order solution prevents waste and delivers the finished artclone with low turnaround times.


As a result of this patented process, the owner of the licensed artwork receives royalty payments from Artficial with each sale. This arrangement preserves and promotes the world's sculptural masterpieces and cultural heritage.

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frequently asked questions

What are artclones made of?

Our artclones are made of a plant-based filament. This cutting-edge, durable material is sourced from renewable plant-based resources and has a carbon footprint that is remarkably lower, by 75 percent, than traditional plastics, allowing us to further reduce our environmental impact.

Artclones are plant-based, does it mean they degrade over time?

No. Time and weather do not degrade our artclones (except of course for acid rain and other chemically toxic environments). Artclones may fully degrade in compost facilities where specific heat, water, oxygen conditions are applied.

Can I display my artclone outdoors?

Yes, Artficial artclones are weather proof.

Are duties and taxes included?

No. Taxes and import duties may apply to your order. For example, orders from the US may be subject to import duties which are managed by the courier and payed by you.

Do you ship to every country?

Yes, Artficial ships all over the world using trusted couriers such as DHL, FedEX or UPS.